Named City Weekly’s Best of Utah 2019 “Best Physical Therapist”

Happy Clients

“In April 2017, I needed help with rehabilitation of my shoulder after surgery and a Studio Pilates (now Good Movement Studio) instructor recommended that I try "Sandy Vojik”. I booked a session with Sandy and after that one session I realized that Sandy’s depth of knowledge and training style offered me a path to reducing joint pain throughout my body by improving my core strength and correcting damaging compensatory patterns, which I did not even realize I had. I immediately booked my husband with Sandy as well, as I knew that his body too, although in great shape, would benefit from her instruction. Since then, Sandy has guided each of us through almost bi-weekly one-on-one sessions and she is a coach we have grown to depend on—we are very happy with the positive physical and mental changes we have obtained.

Initially, she was able to quickly assess our limitations and design personal programs that addressed chronic pains while strengthening specific muscular weaknesses and building on what was already working. Her knowledge of anatomy and bio-mechanics is thorough. Sandy is thoughtful and caring, pays attention to details, tailors exercises to how we feel on the day of every session and as an added bonus, is very entertaining during every session. In addition, Sandy exhibits in-depth knowledge of nutrition and health. Sandy does not limit her expertise to the studio; she maintains an excellent blog and strives to continually improve her cutting-edge knowledge.”

— Ann & Keith Conrad

“Sandy is a very highly-qualified physical therapist and she is an equally excellent Pilates instructor.”

— Anonymous