I’m so excited to announce that we have acquired a CoreAlign at Studio Pilates in Park City! Indeed, Studio Pilates is the first and only studio in Park City to offer the CoreAlign, which is an effective and useful complement to the Pilates equipment. Below, I have highlighted some unique benefits provided by the CoreAlign.


1) Foot articulation: Healthy, robust feet are critical for maintaining mobility as we age. Too often, we stick our feet into mini coffins (aka shoes) and prescribe them a slow death. This is where the CoreAlign can come in and awaken your feet. Many of the exercises on the CoreAlign require the participant to fully articulate the foot while maintaining stability, similar to what walking requires. 

2) Full body integration: If you’ve done Pilates, you’re aware of the focus on isolating motion to certain joints. For example, moving your hip joint while stabilizing the spine is a common focus of some Pilates exercises. On the Pilates equipment, exercises are usually done laying down, side-lying or sitting. On the CoreAlign, most of the exercises are done while standing. This mode offers a whole new challenge to the brain for how to stabilize the body in space. Moreover, this paradigm is more functional because walking and other activities require the ability to stabilize your joints in space without external input, such as a floor to lay on. 

3) Intensity: A full hour on the CoreAlign can be a moderate to high intensity workout, depending on the participant’s fitness level. Many of the CoreAlign exercises require moving the large muscle groups in your legs through a wide range of motion, sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly.

4) Safety: A CoreAlign is appropriate for clients of various ability levels. Generally, if someone can stand, they can participate on the CoreAlign in a safe manner. The ladder at the front of the CoreAlign provides a fantastic safety feature for people with weakness or balance disturbances. For example, the CoreAlign is a great tool to start re-introducing a lunge to a client who has trouble getting up and down from the floor.


5) Sports: The CoreAlign is a great way for athletes to gain an edge in their sport. All athletes can benefit from improving their awareness of their body in space. Developing your mechanics and balancing the muscles of your body can reduce the risk of injury in all sports. The CoreAlign can also take participants into unfamiliar positions and end ranges of motion that sports generally require.


The list above is not exhaustive by any means. The best way to find out what the CoreAlign can offer is to try it yourself.  Becky, our soon to be new physical therapist, is also trained on the CoreAlign and will be offering appointments on Mondays and Wednesdays. To set up an appointment, call Studio Pilates directly at (435) 308-5444.

Oov classes on Youtube

Oov classes on Youtube

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