About Me


Sandy helps athletes get back to competing and training at the level they want. As a former Division I and professional softball player, Sandy knows the commitment athletes need to be successful in their sport and how a drive for success can ultimately lead to unnecessary injuries. As a physical therapist, she now knows what she could have done to treat and prevent her own injuries and is passionate about sharing this information with young athletes in order to keep them healthy.

Sandy utilizes pilates, manual therapy and other physical therapy tools to assess clients for deficiencies in movement that could be causing pain. By identifying these deficiencies, she can help clients eliminate pain and ultimately get to the root cause of their problem so they can get back to doing what they love.

Sandy received her doctorate in physical therapy from the University of Utah in 2014. She is a native of Riverside, IL and grew up participating in a multitude of sports. She achieved an athletic scholarship to play softball at DePaul University, a Division I NCAA program. During her softball career at DePaul, she competed in two Women’s College World Series and was drafted to play in the National Professional Fastpitch League. Sandy currently resides in Park City, Utah where she takes advantage of many recreational options including mountain biking, climbing and skiing.

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Indian Creek. Canyonlands, Utah

Indian Creek. Canyonlands, Utah