Get to the root cause of your problem.

I’ll listen to your needs and search for the root cause of your problem. I’m trained to observe & test advanced movers so I can figure out what’s really causing your issue.

Plan for success.

Together, we’ll develop a plan to get you back to doing what you love whether you’re a weekend warrior, or training for high-level competition.

Prevent future injuries.

Avoid medications, injections and other unnecessary medical procedures. Learn what you need to do to maintain pain-free movement for the rest of your life.

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Experiencing shoulder pain or discomfort? Want to learn how to keep the tissues around your shoulder joint healthy to promote pain-free movement? Download my free, simple, but effective guide to treating your own shoulder.

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What clients are saying…

“Sandy’s depth of knowledge and training style offered me a path to reducing joint pain throughout my body by improving my core strength and correcting damaging compensatory patterns, which I did not even realize I had”